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The soulful watercolor planet of Juri Ueda A.k.a Juriu

* first of all if you could give a small introduction
of you, your work and how it all began for you

My name is Juri Ueda (a.k.a. Juriu,) I am an artist in
Osaka, Japan. I paint watercolor illustration of girls
with big eyes in mythical world.
I was born in Japan, grew up mostly there and a few
years in Thailand, with no particular interest in art.
After many failed faint childhood dreams - such as an
astronaut, a psychologist, and a biologist- I started
drawing, and graduated from the Academy of Art
University, San Francisco in 2005.
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1) What is your work about? Are you rather a story
teller with your paintings or sharing your own
emotions in them?

My art is all about personal communication. Painting
for me is like writing letters - letters with colors
to express emotions.
I consider myself a storyteller, but I like to keep
the story ambiguous. I may tell the beginning and the
end of the story in one image. I enjoy getting totally
different responses and comments from the people who
see the same painting.

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2)Who are some of your muses/mentors, where did you
find your inspiration?

It is hard to say who are my muses. I paint the girls
from the impressions I get/got from the real life
people I know/used to know. My biggest source of
inspiration is nature - the sky, the ocean, and
flowers. I can spend hours just looking at colors in
the clouds, or the patterns on the surface of the
water. And since I happen to live with a flower
designer, my life is surrounded by flowers, and I
watch them change as they live and die. The beauty in
nature can be so perfect and transient. It fascinates
me and makes me want to try to keep a fraction of it.

3)I have seen you also do abstract, is it a way to
complete your artist work/path or just not to get
bored and try different things?

Although I majored in illustration, last few years in
art school I spent most of my time working on
large-scale mixed-media abstract pieces - and that is
how I started my career as an artist. The first time
when I knew what art meant for me was when I painted
my first abstract - my teacher said to me, "seems like
you have found your language."
Compared to illustration, abstract is more purely
emotional and freeing for me, even though the process
is more challenging. The experience is so special I
cannot get from anything else.
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4) you have published a book can you tell about it,
where can we buy it, what is it about etc?

I have not exactly published a book - it (UZUMAKI) was
for a local hand-made picture book show. The theme of
the show was "birthday." My book is about a girl who
lost her wings and her re-birthday. The title UZUMAKI
means "swirl" or "spiral" in english. It is my
favorite symbol, which means "change" among other
things. The book is available upon request at an art
store called ART HOUSE in Osaka.

5)How do you proceed when you begin an artwork? do you
have any ritual, are you rather spontaneous, or think
a lot about themes, series, projects?

I do not think much about themes and such unless they
are the purpose of the painting.
I do not plan in details about shapes and designs
either, but I cannot even start doodling in my
sketchbook until I know exactly what I want. I admire
the artists who can doodle naturally and beautifully
as if the lines flow from their hands.
I am very spontaneous when it comes to colors. I
barely think about palette until I have everything set
up and a brush in my hand. That is the most exciting
and fun part of making a painting for me.
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6) what are your next important projects?

I am planning to have my online shop. Hopefully it
will happen within this year :)

7)if you have ever exhibited your work, tell us about
the first time? how is it ?how did you feel?

I had my first solo show last July. It was not a big
financial success, but quite an exciting experience -
very different from showing in group exhibition. I got
a good lesson about the harsh reality of having my own
business and the responsibility that comes with it, as
well as the pleasure of meeting new people. Overall I
found it addictive. I can hardly wait for the next

8)I have seen you are a writer too ,it's really lovely
and inspiring too, why do you write? is it for you
another way to paint with words?
what inspires/pushes you to write?

I think writing is my first response to my feelings.
If my illustrations are letters, my writings are
diaries. It is rather easy to create images about a
pretty flower or a sweet scent I just happened to come
across, but when I have a deeper connection to the
subject, I need some time to distance myself from it
until I can process it into the image I want to paint.
So I take quick notes in words about the incident, the
person and the emotions, so that they will not fade
and buried into my everyday life. I believe that the
essence is in the details, which are so easily
forgotten no matter how precious and often painful
they are at the time.

9) your art is like sweet melancholly is it for you a
way to heal your big sensitivity or something else?

I am very nicely surprised to know that you see my art
that way.
My paintings are personal, insignificant and awkward.
Especially with my illustration, I always like it to
be subtle and whimsical, with some sense of hope and
wishfulness, even though it usually comes out of
sadness and loneliness. Painting may be a process of
my healing.
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10) what kind of music do you like to listen to when
you create?

I listen to heavy-metals, pop-rocks to mainstream
classicals and operas. I like anything catchy and
emotional. I also like to keep the TV on while I paint
- I find the sound of people talking comforting. I
have the fear of silence when I am alone, although I
prefer silence when I am not alone.

11)how would you describe yourself in a few words?

A solitary optimist with a stubborn wandering mind.

12)what is your motto or favourite quote?

My motto is "KOUN-RYUSUI" which is a zen word meaning
"like clouds that float, like water that flows." I
hope to create and live my life simply and naturally.

Here are two writings by Juri Ueda:


a flower thief stole an anemone.

the translucent blue violet


exciting and beautiful.

I know you want it
he smiled

in the middle of the wind
swaying in every direction

I love your freckles
he says.


the endless beach
and the footprints our bare feet leave behind
green water
silver bubbles
and the shapes waves draw on the sand

the afternoon about to evaporate

impulsive and abstract
like a drop of ink
absorbed into paper

memories fade
always incomplete

the pictures we did not take
the color of hair that has changed
if you don't remember
how will I know
that I was here

the endless beach
and the footprints our bare feet leave behind
the vibrant sun
the ocean and grass scented wind
our distant oblivion
if I could
never let go of your hand

I am here now
I am here with you

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visit her etsy shop there:


visit her website here:

Juriu website

lundi 5 novembre 2007

Debrina Pratt where whimsy & colorful inspirations spark your Imagination!

Debrina Pratt is an amazing fairy artist!
one of the most whimsical soul in Fairy world art :)
always copied never equalled ^_____^
I remember the sweetness I felt when I discovered her work! aaahing and oooooohing like a little fae child :)
I had to send her some praise and I got her so sweet kindness back.
She is someone absolutely adorable on top of being a great artist which sincerely doesn't ruin anything :-)
I can only love artists who are pure golden heart fairies ;o)
Debrina has lovely taste for colors it's also so elegant full of little girl reveries.

Her art is one of a kind, very refined and it touches the soul sharing it's positive thinking!
she takes us in her own little world. She reminds us to dare to dream:)
This is why I decided to interview for you to be inspired!

*first of all give me a brief bio of you,your art etc.

Growing up in a family of artists my interest in art developed at a teeny weeny age. I've experimented with many different mediums and came to paper collage almost 3 years ago and my creative world has never been the same!

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1)When did you begin Mixed media art and what drawn you to that kind of art?

I played with mixed media since childhood but didn't take it too seriously until about 3 years ago when I discovered the world of collaged artist trading cards. I was intrigued and fascinated by them and have since created almost 400 cards!

2)Your artworks are full of sweetness, delicate colors and beautiful words that inspire positive thinking, can you share with us your philosophy of life?

Thank you for the sweet words Helene!
It seems as I'm getting older my philosphy changes at a rapid pace! LOL...Currently, my soul has been reminded that we are not the rulers we have a higher power that is much stronger than us. I think my art also reflects my appreciation/search for simplicity, purity, and gentle hearts.

3)You often work with vintage children pictures is to talk about your inner fae child ? to share your love for Children/childhood?

Children fairies are a common theme in my work due to the fact I've never truly grown up! The grown up world does not fit me. I want to live in a world of pink lollipop trees and little bunnies hopping about where hearts are pure and your inner child can roam freely.

4) You do a lot of different things: boxes, cards,3D artworks, booklets, jewels etc. what are the things you prefer to create?

I LOVE creating teeny tiny anything but especially books and playsets.

5)Tell me about the great things and drawbacks about your artist life?

The greatest thing about being a full time artist is all the wonderful people I have met along this journey and it fascinates me to see how art can connect people, change lives, and speak to complete strangers! As for drawbacks, once art became my job there have been moments where creating has felt like a job but I try to stay far, faraway from those feelings.

6)I have seen a lot of people trying to imitate your style ,what do you say to those people? what is your kind advice to them?

Well, this kind of goes back to the drawbacks of being a full time artist. Once an artists puts their work "out there" it does open the door to this kind of thing..especially if they are successful. Seems some people want to do what makes money and if that means robbing another artist's soul then sadly some do not care. I do realize it may take some time to develop as an artist and get into that cozy little spot of creating where the art is all yours but it can be disheartening waiting for some to reach that spot.

7)You're working on small type of artworks, what is your next challenge?what are your plans artwise?

PAINTING!!! That has been a personal challenge of mine for years and I have never really devoted the time to cradle that medium but something has been pulling me to play with paints! I mean go crazy!!! There's so many things I want to do that I have found plans drive me nutty and procrastination has a way of making me feel like an art school dropout so currently I'm planning to not have concrete plans as far as what I want to create and to take things as they come and let things develop naturally.

8)Lots of artists do video blogs, will you try this one day?will I have this opportunity to see you at youtube too?

Video blogs! EEK!!! Does that answer your question? LOL...

9)what is your motto?

Nurture your inner child and eat cupcakes if you want to...quite simple!
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10)what is the art supplies you can't live without?

SPARKLING Swarovski rhinestones, lots and lots of glitter,
and my newfound love vintage fabrics and trims!
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11)Tell me about all the little things that make you happy?

My daughter's laugh attacks, baby smiles, giggles, pink cupcakes, little fairies dancing about the garden, music that touches the soul, feeling, seeing, things that go jingle, things that sparkle, Hello Kitty, the box of new crayons, watching people dance, kindergarten classes at play, imagination, yummy pink feathered Christmas trees (as seen in Michael's a week ago!)

12) Is music or books an inspiration to your art?

I would image music and books do provide inpiration but perhaps it's more indirect than some other things that inspire me. I have found much inspiration from pictures in books of Japanese Harajuku girls who make their own clothing and and honor individuality in their dress. Google harajuku if you've never heard of it! It should bring smiles!

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you can admire debrina's whimsical work at flick

and buy some of her artwork :

mercredi 3 octobre 2007

Lara Jade, when photography becomes painting and surreal poetic art

Lara Jade is an eighteen years young British( yes indeed British girls are the best ^_^kidding) Photographer/artist/singer...I have come across her work at one day

Lara Fairie, here
and was speechless & even more when I knew her age, she was probably about 15/16 at the time o_O
I really admire this creativity & maturity in young beings, it's so good for them, so enriching and it decides of their path so early which is for the best most of the time, it leads them to living deeper and higher in some ways, to grow a personality, a world of their own.

Lara has an eye for beauty and so many beautiful inspirations.
Her work is obviously one of a kind & it intrigues the watcher, it makes them want to enter these worlds or understand what it is that it makes them feel so bewitched or fascinated.

All in all I admire Lara very much, she is one of my favourite photographer.
On top of that she is a very pretty & smart young woman and has such a lovely voice.
I just wish her all the best, hoping lots of good things for Black Rain (with her love Ant Moore)too!

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1) First of all would you mind telling me how Photography came into your life? what was the click that made you felt that it was your artist path?

I've always been interested in art from a young age, I'd always be drawing or painting, art was my favourite subject at school. However, it wasn't until I was taking my art GCSE at school until I started working with photographs.

2)What do you prefer in photography( between taking pictures and editing with photoshop,finding creative themes)and how do you work?(by the second part of the question I mean, how do you organize a photo session, how do you choose your themes etc)

Taking the pictures is definately the best part, when you can fit your theme into the camera frame. It's great when you finally see the idea fall together after much thought. Editing is also fun though!

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3)How do you see and feel about the connection with model and photographer?

If you and the model are comfortable with each other, everything seems to fall in place within the camera. I have become very good friends with some of my models, and with those models I produce the best work.

4) What is one of your favourite picture you've taken and why?(yeah I know it's a very tough question :oP but you can say the fav of today! ;)

One of my recent favourites is my 'fight series' pictures, I hadn't done anything like that before. It was a challenge so I think I can say I am proud of those.

5)People always think the narcissism in self portrait as arrogance and being " better than thou" type of person, what do you answer to this?
(I dont think that way at all and I adore your self portrait, they are one of a kind and greatly above superficiality or vanity)

When I started out in photography I used myself a lot to practice with, I wasn't comfortable using models when I had no technical ability, so sticking myself in front of the camera was the best thing. I still do self-portraits now to express certain feelings.
As you said, some people believe self-portraiture to be vain. I don't think this is true if the artist has intent to express a certain feeling/emotion aspect and shows a technical ability to create the photograph.
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6)Do you receive a lot of mean messages from envious people or do you sometimes see how people can lack respect to you or assume things about you just because you are a wonderful and rather e-famous very young photographer?
How do you deal with their attitude?

Yes, I do get quite a few negative comments. I've learnt to deal with it the simple way - just leave it and ignore it. If people are trying to help you e.g. constructive criticism, I take it in and listen. You have to filter out the good from the bad.

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7)What is according to you the difference between photography and painting( because it can really merge sometimes and it's hard to see the difference)?

I think they have their similaries, both mediums involve time, thought, practice and creativity. Photography has more of a creative elemt - you take the photos, you edit, you print. I can't say much though, i'm not a very good painter!

8)Tell me about a good memory of a shooting and how it felt?

I've had quite a few good memories with photoshoots, a few models in particular you can have real fun with, sometimes it's not just about the shooting, it's about the fun involved in it all.

9) I know you also have a band called " Black Rain" with your boyfriend, how did that idea come to you? what singing brings to your life?

Ant started the band a few years ago. I've always been quite unconfident with singing, so it was a huge challenge for me to sing, even in front of him! let alone post it on the internet. Singing in Black Rain has definately been a big confidence booster for me.
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10)You are a mutli talented girl which are the other talents you have but don't really express them enough for now?

Hidden talents? haha. Well I used to be a dancer before I started photography from the age of eight, me and my sister did a range of dancing, and we come first place in the european dance championships. When we left, we had around 250 trophies. I'm also quite a good stylist. :]

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11)What do you expect for your future after your studies, how do you imagine your career?

I'd love to either carry on working for myself or become part of a team for a company, carrying out creative commissions. I also plan to get into the film industry.

nb: all images are copyrighted. All rights reserved to Lara Jade.
so don't be silly using them! it already happened to her & the whole world will kick your ass if you try this again :P

vendredi 21 septembre 2007

Cordelia(cordayrox)when the little mermaids turns into a fairy at her piano***

There are persons on this planet who really have something about their soul, an aura, a real cute charisma that really amazes me!
Cordelia is one of them.
She's coming from Fairy tale ,a kind of singing Rapunzel princess or Fairy cinderella, with an adorable voice and so much talent at the piano.

Cordelia is on top of that a very pretty girl inside out, well it radiates and she is also so mature and smart for her age.
This girl kicks ass ^__^

Cordelia is a beautiful soul who will (no doubt) with work and time grow into a great artist, I wouldn't be surprised in some years to buy her cd :)
She is intelligent and has great taste in music and has a lovely honesty of being,no gloss no pretense which doesn't ruin the image she gives of her.

She is multi talented and she keeps it real! You rock girl!
so I wanted to share this talented sugary gem with you all.
Go send your praise guys! Cordelia is really one of a kind!

1) give us first a little biography of who you are,
how and when you begin piano and singing, when you
decide to go for youtube etc, your artistic path :)

Well, my name's Cordelia and I'm 14 years old =]
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I began playing the piano when I was about 5 or 6 - my
music teacher at Junior School liked my singing and
thought that I should learn the piano so that I could
accompany myself - possibly the best thing she
could've done! I really like being able to sing and
play songs together =]
I've been singing practically all my life - my parents
are both really musical, so when they would be singing
songs around the house, I'd just copy them, so I was
singing the Hallelughia Chorus at age 6 =]]

I decided to go for youtube because around last
Christmas I really discovered how fantastic it was -
and I felt that getting comments on my singing would
be really helpful for improvement =]] I also thought
that because I was commenting (really harshly) on some
singing videos - which I regret now =/ and I thought
that I should post videos of myself, so people could
judge me too =]

2)Tell me about your muses? the persons you admire the
most and who have helped you improve and develop your
own gift?

I think that Vanessa Carlton really plays a big part
in my music - she makes a living from playing the
piano and singing, which is what I want to do. She
also isn't really famous - which I think is good,
because she doesn't get loads of bad press from
magazines, which I think would be good. But she also
has fans worldwide, so I think she's got exactly the
right mix of popularity and unpoplarity (?) lol =]]

3) Do you want to do this as a career and which part
do you prefer in this?the singing or the playing

I think I do want to do it as a career - I know that
it definitely won't be easy, but I'd like to have a go
at least.
Ahh I couldn't choose! Probably being able to do both
at the same time! =D

4)How do you feel when you sing,what does singing
bring to your life?

I love to sing, I sing around the house, I sing at
school, I even sing when I'm just waling along
sometimes - and I love the fact that I can actually
sing. I think that without music, my life wouldn't
really have a meaning. I just feel diferent when I
sing - I'm definitely more confident.

5)Do you compose music and/or write song lyrics
yourself?(if you want to share one ;)

I do =]]
On my youtube channel, there's a video called "Better
Memories (original)" which is, in fact, my own song -
lyrics and all =]]

6)do you have any other talents and which ones would
you like to have?

Not really! lol - I like English and History at
school though =]]
I'd like to play the guitar - but I'm really busy at
the moment, so I don't think that it's gonna happen
anytime soon =[

7)How do people around you and online react about your
talent? (I mean are they interested? Do you get lots
of good feedback or unpleasants one etc?)

Well my father watches my videos religiously, which
REALLY annoys me - but I can't stop him, so I just
have to cope with it =] Most people in my school know
about my youtube, and also watch my videos =]
I don't get that many hater comments - I get a few,
but that's to be expected. Most of the feedback I get
is really good - which makes me happy =D
i also had an awful lot of comments on the videos
where I talk saying "hey, omg I love your accent, it's
sooooo hot" which kinda annoys me, but hey =]]

8)how would you describe the emotional landscapes of
the music you like to sing and play?

Well I like mostly singing quite downbeat stuff - I
don't really like Beyonce or Rhianna or anything like
that - I like more classic styles of singing - I like
Regina Spektor a lot - if you haven't heard of her,
check her out! She's awesome =]]

9)what are you biggest fears,dreams,goals,at the

One of my biggest fears is that I won't get passes in
my major exams
that are coming up next year - and that I'll lose my
voice permanently, or go blind or deaf or something =/

10)the first time I saw you I thought you looked like
a little fairy playing the piano, so I wanted to know
do you like fairies? fairytales? which one do you
identify the most?

Aw really? That's so cool =D
I love fairies =D I think they're really cool and
priddy =]] lol =D
I don't really know about fairytale - I like most
fairytales, bubt probably one of my favourites is
Cinderella =D
I don't really think that I identify with any
fairytales - my life hasn't been that extreme yet! =D

(nb:maybe I didn't share the best videos, there are many that kind be seen at her youtube,but I did love these!she's our future tori amos ^_^)

lundi 17 septembre 2007

First artist interview : Daniel Colvin,When sensuality gets mystic and art melts into poetry

The first time I took the time to navigate through Dan's art stream I felt it resonated with my soul, my inner world and places of my art.
I felt I knew him because the landscapes of his work were the one I had in my mind for so long and it was really fascinating.
We had sort of the same kind of philosophy of life,deep ideas and the same gaze for the beauty in everything.

Dan's art is so fascinating, an enchantement for the eyes and we just can't help but asking for more!There are wizzard magic and mystic wisdom, we feel we're walking in another world full of enigmatic energies.
We could almost get lost in those creative and sometimes strange paths!
Everything from his painting to his digital artworks has something to tell and inspiring waves to share.
I am discovering something/someone quite interesting and I wanted to share this with you all.

I'm very glad and honoured to have had this opportunity to meet him and become his friend and so it is with pleasure and enthusiasm I am sharing here with you this first interview of him and I hope you will be inspired!

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1)Tell us more about the landscapes of your digital art? what is these realms? how do you create this?
what "Digital Alchemy" means to you?

I chose Digital Alchemy as a title for this type of work because when I started doing this in the early 1990’s digital manipulation was very new and people did not know what to do with the work. Was it graphic design, Paintings? was it photography…what? Of course it’s a little of each, and more! I liked the idea of Alchemy with it’s concept of spiritual recipes for describing esoteric hard to know things. People always associate alchemy with mad-hatter types trying to turn lead into gold, but it was also about spiritual transformation. The idea of turning common things to gold resonates with the art process very much don’t you think?

2)Would you mind showing one of your favorite pictures of your digital work and sharing the story the musical landscape that would be perfect to it?


I’m choosing a piece called Cosmographicon, mostly because it is sort of a classic early digital piece for me. And in creating this piece I sort of figured out what I was trying to do in a lot of my art. This piece, and so many others deal with trying to depict the unseen. To give some visual expression to those things which are usually felt but not seen. If you go to a place on the earth and experience a landscape, you not only see that place as it exists with your physical eyes but you overlay your knowledge of history and perhaps your intuition of future history. If you get a cell phone call you might be reminded that thousands of unseen voices are swirling around you at any given time. And an educated human always brings so much meta understanding to what ever they look at. You see stars in the sky and you begin to think about geometry and astronomy. Its endless. I tried to capture a sense of all those hidden and implied things in this image. As for music I would have to call attention to someone like Robert Rich who sort of does sonically what I’ve been describing here on a visual level. In fact we’ve just finished a collaboration together. It’s a feature length film of my art animating and evolving to his music. Its called Atlas Dei and if your resonating with my art you will probably resonate with this film big time. ( you can learn more about Atlas Dei at )

3)What makes the striking uniqueness and originality of your works ( photos, digital art and paintings)?

Well with my paintings there a couple of things. I was partially trained in a sumi-e Asian brush style and this has had a big effect on how I handle paint with a brush. A Sumi brush painting quite often evolve very quickly so it is an exciting way to work. The other element I mention is that I tend to not paint from models or photography. Instead I try to paint from memory and imagination. There are practical as well as artistic reasons for this. It is hard for me to get good models where I live, but the real reason I work this way is that I have found that when I “copy from my minds-eye” so to speak, the result is always tweaked in a way that could never happen if I was being true to a model or photo. In this way pieces of me—who I am , how I’m feeling that day, any flaws I have in my memory or conception–– all get blended into the mix and the result is often very unique and satisfying. I get a lot junk too!

4)What are your artist rituals? How do you begin a painting?( the atmosphere, the surrounding, the material)

I’ve been very lucky to have a nice studio where I can control the atmosphere to a high degree. I usually have inspirational music going. Robert Rich (with whom I just made a movie) Arvo Part, Cocteau Twins, Japanese Flute Mozart… I try to match the music to the mood I’m feeling. And then it’s getting all the paint and materials ready. I work a lot in acrylics these days and they dry fast so I’ve developed techniques to allow me to move fairly fast through the steps of a painting once I’m ready to start. So there is this calming ritual of getting all the material ready and choosing the colors. Of late I’ve been experimenting with complex gradations in my ground. Where I’ll use a very large brush (I built one 20” wide from two ten inch décor brushes”) For this brush I have a big ceramic plate on which I lay out the colors out in the order I want them on the surface, So I’m composing with color even as I lay my palette out.

Now quite often I’m starting a painting with a feeling rather than a image or subject matter. I’ll make a random first stroke and then pause and make another in answer to that. After a few of these I’ll get a sense of what should be painted and then follow that sense. Again doesn’t always work but it keeps me very fresh and spontaneous. Nothing kills the energy of painting for me like over careful struggle and preciousness in the brush stroke. I like free and loose. I like that energy in my physical movement and how it make strokes breath and real.

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5)There is a big sensuality to your work, how would you describe this closeness of art and erotism?

in works like :

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Well as we are humans, the sensual and the sexual energies play a major role in our psyches. After all it is the desire of the life force in us to continue, a very strong drive indeed. In my interpretations of the landscapes around us, be they a mountainside, a flower petal, or a beach, I strive to bring forth the sensual aspects of the form and content in the frame. It is inevitable that we project a human frame of reference onto the shapes and processes that surround us. But I also feel that the sensual connection to nature goes deeper than this. I think we will eventually discover that there is universal language of form in nature from which all the subjective interpretations are born. So the curve of erosion in sand and the swoop of female body all come from the same root language somehow. But these connections must be underlined and pulled forward in the process of making the painting or photograph. It’s about what you choose to emphasize or leave out. That is a big part of how an artist makes a statement. So you can choose at the beginning to make a sensual statement about how the trunk of tree wraps upwards into the sky and after making that goal for yourself all your choices from then on are defined. The sensual interpretation is at once deep and profound and quite often is an excellent choice for defining how the work of art should evolve.

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6)How long have you been interested in art? why do you need to make art?

You are correct to connect these question together I think. Looking backwards I see that I have been an artist all my life. I was always praised for my artistic work, even as a child. But I did not really claim an identity as an ‘Artist’ until around the age of 40.
That’s when I sort of said:
" I’m going to go for this life of trying to create art".
From youth to that was a series of steps where it became more and more clear to me that this is what I’m meant to do. Part of making that final decision to commit to a life of art was realizing that creativity and art were an essential part of my personality and to go down any other path would have been a denial of self, really. And that should answer the second part of the question as well.

7)How do you define your role as an artist? are there messages in your work?

My role as an artist is to take my perceptions of the world around me
and transmute the feelings and longings that arise from that perception into tangible forms of expression that can be shared with other people. I see my self as sort of instrument in this way. The world around me, the spiritual feelings I get from it channel through me and I end up making things that echo and give form to these energies. As for messages in my art, I’m sure they are there but I don’t often think this way when I’m working. I work very intuitively, sort following little threads of ideas and sensation and then eventually end up with a finished piece. Its only later that my rational mind kicks in and begins to make connections and derive deeper meanings in the work. Its usually a disaster for me to approach an artwork from an intellectual foundation since it does not allow for this intuitive process of discovery to take place.

8)What is your greatest fear?

Probably having some event that would stop me from being able to make art, either physical or economic or whatever. I worry there might be not be any going back to ‘normal life’ once on this path I’m on. But I try not to dwell too much on the fears, because an artist in this world of ours today has so many barriers and challenges… Its much better to just surf the emotions of excitement and hope and forget the fears altogether. In fact I think this is essential.

9)what is the sentence that makes you feel uncomfortable?

Any sentence that includes both the word marketing and art. I find it very difficult to combine the worlds of commerce and Art. In my perfect world I could give away my works as gifts because they are gifts to me in the first place.

10)tell us about the women of your life?

Well I’m very happily married to a wonderful woman who supports my choice of this type of work in every way and I have two amazing daughters. I’m very lucky.

11)How do you encourage others to follow their own artist's path?

The main types of advice I have would be to cultivate your passion and your vision. Fall in love with the act of creating and always be open to how to improve this flow of energy from the universe through you to the work itself. That is the magic key to it all. Most of the rest is study and learning and hard work. Perhaps one of the best pieces of advice would be not to expect that your work will instantly be successful or satisfying. Be open to the idea that your work will evolve over years and decades. While in the moment we might be impatient for wanting it all to come together quickly—well, life doesn’t always work that way. Be patient and keep doing it. One day you’ll look up from your work and realize you’ve come such a long ways and you’ll realize there was no other way to get there really.
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