lundi 5 novembre 2007

Debrina Pratt where whimsy & colorful inspirations spark your Imagination!

Debrina Pratt is an amazing fairy artist!
one of the most whimsical soul in Fairy world art :)
always copied never equalled ^_____^
I remember the sweetness I felt when I discovered her work! aaahing and oooooohing like a little fae child :)
I had to send her some praise and I got her so sweet kindness back.
She is someone absolutely adorable on top of being a great artist which sincerely doesn't ruin anything :-)
I can only love artists who are pure golden heart fairies ;o)
Debrina has lovely taste for colors it's also so elegant full of little girl reveries.

Her art is one of a kind, very refined and it touches the soul sharing it's positive thinking!
she takes us in her own little world. She reminds us to dare to dream:)
This is why I decided to interview for you to be inspired!

*first of all give me a brief bio of you,your art etc.

Growing up in a family of artists my interest in art developed at a teeny weeny age. I've experimented with many different mediums and came to paper collage almost 3 years ago and my creative world has never been the same!

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1)When did you begin Mixed media art and what drawn you to that kind of art?

I played with mixed media since childhood but didn't take it too seriously until about 3 years ago when I discovered the world of collaged artist trading cards. I was intrigued and fascinated by them and have since created almost 400 cards!

2)Your artworks are full of sweetness, delicate colors and beautiful words that inspire positive thinking, can you share with us your philosophy of life?

Thank you for the sweet words Helene!
It seems as I'm getting older my philosphy changes at a rapid pace! LOL...Currently, my soul has been reminded that we are not the rulers we have a higher power that is much stronger than us. I think my art also reflects my appreciation/search for simplicity, purity, and gentle hearts.

3)You often work with vintage children pictures is to talk about your inner fae child ? to share your love for Children/childhood?

Children fairies are a common theme in my work due to the fact I've never truly grown up! The grown up world does not fit me. I want to live in a world of pink lollipop trees and little bunnies hopping about where hearts are pure and your inner child can roam freely.

4) You do a lot of different things: boxes, cards,3D artworks, booklets, jewels etc. what are the things you prefer to create?

I LOVE creating teeny tiny anything but especially books and playsets.

5)Tell me about the great things and drawbacks about your artist life?

The greatest thing about being a full time artist is all the wonderful people I have met along this journey and it fascinates me to see how art can connect people, change lives, and speak to complete strangers! As for drawbacks, once art became my job there have been moments where creating has felt like a job but I try to stay far, faraway from those feelings.

6)I have seen a lot of people trying to imitate your style ,what do you say to those people? what is your kind advice to them?

Well, this kind of goes back to the drawbacks of being a full time artist. Once an artists puts their work "out there" it does open the door to this kind of thing..especially if they are successful. Seems some people want to do what makes money and if that means robbing another artist's soul then sadly some do not care. I do realize it may take some time to develop as an artist and get into that cozy little spot of creating where the art is all yours but it can be disheartening waiting for some to reach that spot.

7)You're working on small type of artworks, what is your next challenge?what are your plans artwise?

PAINTING!!! That has been a personal challenge of mine for years and I have never really devoted the time to cradle that medium but something has been pulling me to play with paints! I mean go crazy!!! There's so many things I want to do that I have found plans drive me nutty and procrastination has a way of making me feel like an art school dropout so currently I'm planning to not have concrete plans as far as what I want to create and to take things as they come and let things develop naturally.

8)Lots of artists do video blogs, will you try this one day?will I have this opportunity to see you at youtube too?

Video blogs! EEK!!! Does that answer your question? LOL...

9)what is your motto?

Nurture your inner child and eat cupcakes if you want to...quite simple!
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10)what is the art supplies you can't live without?

SPARKLING Swarovski rhinestones, lots and lots of glitter,
and my newfound love vintage fabrics and trims!
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11)Tell me about all the little things that make you happy?

My daughter's laugh attacks, baby smiles, giggles, pink cupcakes, little fairies dancing about the garden, music that touches the soul, feeling, seeing, things that go jingle, things that sparkle, Hello Kitty, the box of new crayons, watching people dance, kindergarten classes at play, imagination, yummy pink feathered Christmas trees (as seen in Michael's a week ago!)

12) Is music or books an inspiration to your art?

I would image music and books do provide inpiration but perhaps it's more indirect than some other things that inspire me. I have found much inspiration from pictures in books of Japanese Harajuku girls who make their own clothing and and honor individuality in their dress. Google harajuku if you've never heard of it! It should bring smiles!

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you can admire debrina's whimsical work at flick

and buy some of her artwork :

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ISA ^_^ a dit…

Great interview !!!
Hugs !
ISA ^_^

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

thank you Isa:-)

Jen a dit… whimsical...
the featured creations are just beautiful...
"i want to live in a world of pink lollipop trees...."
: )