vendredi 21 septembre 2007

Cordelia(cordayrox)when the little mermaids turns into a fairy at her piano***

There are persons on this planet who really have something about their soul, an aura, a real cute charisma that really amazes me!
Cordelia is one of them.
She's coming from Fairy tale ,a kind of singing Rapunzel princess or Fairy cinderella, with an adorable voice and so much talent at the piano.

Cordelia is on top of that a very pretty girl inside out, well it radiates and she is also so mature and smart for her age.
This girl kicks ass ^__^

Cordelia is a beautiful soul who will (no doubt) with work and time grow into a great artist, I wouldn't be surprised in some years to buy her cd :)
She is intelligent and has great taste in music and has a lovely honesty of being,no gloss no pretense which doesn't ruin the image she gives of her.

She is multi talented and she keeps it real! You rock girl!
so I wanted to share this talented sugary gem with you all.
Go send your praise guys! Cordelia is really one of a kind!

1) give us first a little biography of who you are,
how and when you begin piano and singing, when you
decide to go for youtube etc, your artistic path :)

Well, my name's Cordelia and I'm 14 years old =]
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I began playing the piano when I was about 5 or 6 - my
music teacher at Junior School liked my singing and
thought that I should learn the piano so that I could
accompany myself - possibly the best thing she
could've done! I really like being able to sing and
play songs together =]
I've been singing practically all my life - my parents
are both really musical, so when they would be singing
songs around the house, I'd just copy them, so I was
singing the Hallelughia Chorus at age 6 =]]

I decided to go for youtube because around last
Christmas I really discovered how fantastic it was -
and I felt that getting comments on my singing would
be really helpful for improvement =]] I also thought
that because I was commenting (really harshly) on some
singing videos - which I regret now =/ and I thought
that I should post videos of myself, so people could
judge me too =]

2)Tell me about your muses? the persons you admire the
most and who have helped you improve and develop your
own gift?

I think that Vanessa Carlton really plays a big part
in my music - she makes a living from playing the
piano and singing, which is what I want to do. She
also isn't really famous - which I think is good,
because she doesn't get loads of bad press from
magazines, which I think would be good. But she also
has fans worldwide, so I think she's got exactly the
right mix of popularity and unpoplarity (?) lol =]]

3) Do you want to do this as a career and which part
do you prefer in this?the singing or the playing

I think I do want to do it as a career - I know that
it definitely won't be easy, but I'd like to have a go
at least.
Ahh I couldn't choose! Probably being able to do both
at the same time! =D

4)How do you feel when you sing,what does singing
bring to your life?

I love to sing, I sing around the house, I sing at
school, I even sing when I'm just waling along
sometimes - and I love the fact that I can actually
sing. I think that without music, my life wouldn't
really have a meaning. I just feel diferent when I
sing - I'm definitely more confident.

5)Do you compose music and/or write song lyrics
yourself?(if you want to share one ;)

I do =]]
On my youtube channel, there's a video called "Better
Memories (original)" which is, in fact, my own song -
lyrics and all =]]

6)do you have any other talents and which ones would
you like to have?

Not really! lol - I like English and History at
school though =]]
I'd like to play the guitar - but I'm really busy at
the moment, so I don't think that it's gonna happen
anytime soon =[

7)How do people around you and online react about your
talent? (I mean are they interested? Do you get lots
of good feedback or unpleasants one etc?)

Well my father watches my videos religiously, which
REALLY annoys me - but I can't stop him, so I just
have to cope with it =] Most people in my school know
about my youtube, and also watch my videos =]
I don't get that many hater comments - I get a few,
but that's to be expected. Most of the feedback I get
is really good - which makes me happy =D
i also had an awful lot of comments on the videos
where I talk saying "hey, omg I love your accent, it's
sooooo hot" which kinda annoys me, but hey =]]

8)how would you describe the emotional landscapes of
the music you like to sing and play?

Well I like mostly singing quite downbeat stuff - I
don't really like Beyonce or Rhianna or anything like
that - I like more classic styles of singing - I like
Regina Spektor a lot - if you haven't heard of her,
check her out! She's awesome =]]

9)what are you biggest fears,dreams,goals,at the

One of my biggest fears is that I won't get passes in
my major exams
that are coming up next year - and that I'll lose my
voice permanently, or go blind or deaf or something =/

10)the first time I saw you I thought you looked like
a little fairy playing the piano, so I wanted to know
do you like fairies? fairytales? which one do you
identify the most?

Aw really? That's so cool =D
I love fairies =D I think they're really cool and
priddy =]] lol =D
I don't really know about fairytale - I like most
fairytales, bubt probably one of my favourites is
Cinderella =D
I don't really think that I identify with any
fairytales - my life hasn't been that extreme yet! =D

(nb:maybe I didn't share the best videos, there are many that kind be seen at her youtube,but I did love these!she's our future tori amos ^_^)

2 commentaires:

Jen a dit…

my favorites were the first and the last of the videos (enjoyed the rhythm of the songs)...but all your singing is so lovely...

so meaningful that Cordelia loves to sing anywhere and anytime...always singing...

when I listened I thought how clear and pure and pretty is your voice...I hope singing will always bring you such pleasure...

it is a gift when you share it with those who would enjoy your artistic expressions....and to yourself, I think when you sing for you.

I did appreciate it..thank you!! :)

the next comments (longish one tonight)are what's been on my do with people, opinions, being oneself, and discovery--your interview got me thinking of this again..warning..skip to end paragraph or risk boredom :oP

people will always have an opinion or none at all...but most important is perhaps the opinion we have of ourself...

mistakes--expect them...perfection-forget it...subjective concepts are these...

personally, my idea of perfection is that it is boring...since it is one and only one room for discovery...

keep on discovering, I say to us all..keep on being "you" (no apologies for being your own person)care about others, care what they think, though you and the other may not think the same...even on this topic, no?

really, it is intolerance that can be off putting...can bring on a desire to is disrespectful communication of opinions that seems to require something and can be hurtful..can confuse...should I be bothered? one might think...should I respond? how much, in what way...well, we get to decide each person : )

when an artist, or anyone for that matter...puts herself "out there"...anything is possible...the good and the's all in how you define you understand them to be...what they mean or do not mean to you...

I think great things come from putting ourselves out there...from expressing ourselves, from connecting with others, from listening to others, from experience with others..not always easy, but I would say worth it, in the end and sometimes a necessary part of an individuals happiness...part of who they are..

As you put your energy "out there" Cordelia, I hope you will see, hear, and feel the positive and constructive and supportive energies. And that you can identify the other stuff as outside of yourself (take meaning where and how YOU find important)

try what you decide, go where you decide..yes listen, learn, be open..but remember to trust your ability to put it together, to discover, believe, develop, share

Older people often want to give advice to those younger than in point--me, tonight :oP

but these are ideas I believe important today for me and I believe relevant to any person at any age...I do not mean to say anything about what you think or know, nor to imply I know something you do not...ya know

I love to share what I think important but I also want to have a mind open and hear what is important to others..

thanks for sharing your thoughts in this interview Cordelia...

and thanks, Helene for interviewing Cordelia...I enjoyed the discovery.

You are great Cordelia! Uniquely Great at singing, playing piano, expressing and being You. I will be so happy to hear you again.

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

thanks sweet Jen for the lengthy comment :) you're wonderful!
Blessed be! thank you for being you!